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We help charities with their grant applications because we care.
We are friendly and approachable people with actual experience in
working in the not-for-profit sector, and we’re always looking to
improve the process of applying for grants.

Having walked in your shoes we always ask ourselves one question:

“What would I need in order to be successful?”
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How We Help Charities

Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager

An easy way for you to create and
track an unlimited number of
fundraising campaigns.

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Grant Search Engines
Grant Search Engines

Our search engine helps you conduct
thorough funding research on
foundations and awarded grants.

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Document Generators
Document Generators

Simplifying the way you create a
letter of inquiry, grant proposals,
custom documents and more.

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Support & Training
Support & Training

Live support, built-in tutorials, manuals,
training videos, and online support
modules to help with your grant funding.

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Charity Grant Secretary
Charity Grant Secretary

Ensuring that the final stages of your
grant applications are simple,
seamless and meticulous.

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$5.9 Billion+

in foundation funding is distributed annually
to charities in Canada


foundations registered in Canada,
which equates to plenty of opportunities


grants are awarded to Canadian
charities every year


new foundations are registered in Canada every year,
and most of them don't have a website


of all foundations do not report having a website

What People Say About Us

Mikinduri Children of Hope has been conducting developmental work in Kenya since 2003. As part of our fund rising strategy we bought into the Grant Advance program. I can tell you that I could not be more impressed with their commitment to their fundraising program, but what is even more impressive is their dedication to providing excellent technical support in all aspects of their offering. Be assured, without a doubt, if you are prepared to climb the learning curve to implement this powerful program you will not be disappointed.
Our agency joined Grant Advance in July 2015. The features that we find most valuable are the templates to create Grant Proposals and Letters of Inquiry, as well as a system to track which Foundations are most suitable for specific programs based on their giving history. We found navigating the system very easy and the information helped us to determine if a Foundation was a good match for our agency.
The Arts Council of Surrey has had a membership with Grant Advance since January 2016 and recently renewed our membership for another year. This program has worked very well for our organization, providing tools that make the application process simple and easy and search engines that provide a rich source of funding opportunities for the arts. Their customer support has been awesome!
I am a five-year fundraiser who has recently moved into a grant writing role. My experience with Grant Advance has been nothing but wonderful since day one. I received a very thorough training session with Kathie to ensure I was set up and understood the fundamentals of the platform. The platform itself is well laid out and intuitive. I feel I have only dipped my toes into how useful this tool can be and I’m very excited to keep using it for my projects.
Grant Advance is an excellent platform for Not For Profit and NGO’s to use for their Fundraising and Grant application program. It is very extensive, well integrated, and has excellent support tutorials for the first time and seasoned users. I highly recommend this for anyone that is serious about taking fundraising to the next level for their organization.
Using the Grant Advance program, we have sent out 55 letters in our first mailing asking for $1000 to be utilized by our kitchen program. We received 2 responses with $1000 each and one with $3000. We also have had 2 requests for more information which we have already sent out and are now pending approval. This is very exciting for us… we will continue to use Grant Advance…
Last fall, I received a call from Grant Advance explaining how their program could help raise grant funds. As they took me through some sample recipients of grant dollars, there was my golfing partner who had recently received an $8,000.00. I spotted another church that had received a sizable grant, then someone else I knew who had received over $180,000.00. I stopped counting then and signed up ( which was so inexpensive that I could hardly believe it). Through an absolute miracle of God I succeeded (I am a computer zero) in preparing and mailing out over 400 letters. From that I received 25 responses, 1 cheque for $4,000.00, and another currently under consideration for $25,000.00. Whatever comes in from here on is pure profit for the ministry. I highly recommend Grant Advance and the loyal and professional employees that I have had the pleasure of speaking with.
Having worked with a few computer platforms and not exactly proficient at any, I was pleasantly shocked to find Grant Advance easy to use. Every hurdle was supported by easily accessible support staff. My questions were answered by this knowledgeable staff always showing their kindness, patience and enthusiasm towards our success. For this I send sincere gratitude and look forward to continuing to work with the Grant Advance system.
Our church reached out to Grant Advance, looking for funding in the form of grants, for some badly needed renovations and repairs in our aging building. The staff of this organization could not have been more helpful, kind and patient with us, as first-time clients. With their expert knowledge and assistance, we received a donation within the first week! We highly recommend Grant Advance to anyone in a similar situation to ours.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions we get about funding.

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Charity Funding Facts
Charity Funding Facts

Facts and statistics about fundraising in North America.

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Our Community Engagement
Our Community Engagement

How we support communities and non-profits.

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Our Latest Blogs

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