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Grant Advance introduces the fastest, easiest way to
acquire funding for your charity.
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Why we help

We help charities with their grant applications because we care.
We are friendly and approachable people with actual experience in
working in the not-for-profit sector, and we’re always looking to
improve the process of applying for grants.

Having walked in your shoes we always ask ourselves one question:

“What would I need in order to be successful?”

How we help

Campaign Manager

An easy way for you to create and
track an unlimited number of
fundraising campaigns.

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Search Engines

Our search engine helps you conduct
thorough funding research on
foundations and awarded grants.

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Document Generators

Simplifying the way you create a
letter of inquiry, grant proposals,
custom documents and more.

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Support & Training

Live support, built-in tutorials, manuals,
training videos, and online support
modules to help with your grant funding.

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Grant Secretary

Ensuring that the final stages of your
grant applications are simple,
seamless and meticulous.

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What people say about us

Our funding resources

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions we get about funding.

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Funding facts

Facts and statistics about fundraising in North America.

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Our community engagement

How we support communities and non-profits.

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Our latest blogs

Learn more about funding with our latest blog posts.

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