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Our Campaign Manager and Manage Funders modules allow you to create an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns. It also provides an overview of your progress to date, including details on the number of funders you have targeted, and which documents you have prepared using our Document Generators. Other features include the ability to create custom budgets, enabling collaboration between licensed users, creating Favourite lists, Blocked Funder lists, and archiving projects. You are also able to insert Smart Tags to assist in automating custom documents and budgets. In your Account Setting, you can also brand your correspondence by uploading your logo, letterhead, footer, and by customizing your signature.


Finding the right foundations to apply to is the single most important factor in successfully applying for grants. With an exhaustive database of over 70,000 foundations and charitable trusts, Grant Advance gives you total flexibility in customizing your searches. With eight search engines, 17 filters, and over 250 category and sub-category settings you can zero in on perfect matches. You can also view detailed reports on each potential funder including, a list of current directors, historic giving patterns, the geographic distribution of grants, funding interests, average grant size, and much more. In addition to detailed analysis of each funder we also provide tools that allow you manage your project, set critical alert dates, and the ability to add your own notes any funder that you are cultivating. Our Profile Pages are in fact, “living documents” that you help create, and which become an invaluable source of information for you and anyone who may succeed you in the fund development initiatives of your organization.

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Grant Advance provides four unique Document Generators to assist you in the creation of your Letter of Inquiry, Grant Proposal, Custom Documents, and your Project Budget. Each Document Generator provides step-by-step instructions for each section of your document. In the text fields, you can write your story and provide compelling reasons for supporting your campaign. With the master document complete, you can then customize individual documents for each of the funders added to your project by adding additional text, images, charts, or tables. Our Document Generators automatically insert your letterhead, signature, and the name and address of each funder. You are also able to select from drop-down options to change your salutation, select a director, and determine your ASK amount based on the average and median grant amount that each funder has typically awarded in the past. Smart Tags further help to automate and simplify the process to save you even more time. There are also helpful links that direct you to profile pages, funders websites, and grant-writing tutorials. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!


Everyone needs a good secretary! Grant Advance understands this and has created an Executive Assistant to make the final stages of your application simple and seamless. With Grant Secretary, you can select your project and review, edit, export, and print all of your documents. You can also print address and return labels using our complete mail-merge system. You can also flag each funder to let you know in a glance exactly what stage you are at with each individual funder in your project. Another great feature is the ability to screen all of your funders based on previous campaigns. Want to make sure you aren’t applying to same foundation twice in a single funding cycle? Grant Secretary can discover duplicates and automatically remove them from a project.

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Grant Advance Solutions helps you get started with your grant funding right away. New clients are immediately contacted by one of our friendly staff members. A Welcome Package includes your Roadmap to Success, a schedule of our upcoming OnBoarding and Advanced Strategy webinars, as well as access to Manuals, Training Videos, and our extensive Online Support module. Built-In tutorials are also embedded on every page of our platform so you always have quick and easy instructions on how to use every feature. If you’d like to speak with us we welcome you to call us directly at our toll-free number or use our convenient Support Tickets to request a call. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always look forward to speaking with you.


Our prepaid membership plans come with a Renewal Rate Guarantee. Never worry about paying more, and never worry about losing your documents, favourite lists, saved searches, or the irreplaceable Notes you have added to the funding organizations with whom you have developed relationship.

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Grant Advance is always listening to the voices of our clients. One of the frequent requests we receive is for a project management tool to assist in planning and tracking fundraising campaigns. Our development department is hard at work, consulting, designing, and coding this latest innovation. If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like us to explore please drop us a line or give us a call.