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Grant Search Engines: Your Best Research Tool

As a charitable organization, it’s likely that you rely on grants to grow and reach your goals.

Taking the time to find these grants is often crucial for your charity. Perhaps not for your bottom line, but for the growth and change that the grant can provide for your organization.

When it comes down to it, finding the right grant(s) is what’s most difficult about it all. Yes, you need to identify potential funders whose interests align with your cause, but you must also ensure that they’re willing to fund organizations of your size, in your area and the grant amount is sufficient for your mission.

Pair that with the fact that more than 70% of all foundations don’t have a website, and the need for a grant-specific search engine quickly becomes apparent.

Here’s how Grant Advance has facilitated and streamlined the grant research process with a comprehensive grant search engine.

How Grant Search Engines Simplify Grant Research

Grant research is all about finding a grantmaker that matches your charity’s principals and goals.

This match does not have to be perfect, but the more you have alike, the more likely you are to secure the grant. By using our grant search engine or grant database, your charity can filter through thousands of foundations to find the right match.

With every search, you gain access to exclusive data about the grants they’ve awarded, such as the amount of their grants, where they’ve awarded their grants and which sector they’ve previously awarded to.

Whether they be a private foundation, public foundation or government agency, the history of a grant maker tells us a lot about what type of charity they’re looking to award.

A grant search engine enables you to use this information to your advantage, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that you aren’t blindly applying for grants and that you have an effective and measurable fundraising campaign at your fingertips.

Additional features of our grant search engine includes:

-Access to more than 1,000,000 grants

-Detailed reports for over 10,000 foundations

-Comprehensive search filters

-Custom grant analysis

Looking for Grants? Search Smart with Grant Advance

Finding and applying for grant funding does not need to be difficult or time consuming.

When you choose to work with Grant Advance alongside your fundraising campaign, you gain access to our full set of useful tools, support services and industry experience.

And once you’ve found these available grants, we’ll even help you create professional, industry-standard documents to help you apply to each of these foundations. We track your campaigns, save your documents and help you every step of the way.

Researching and applying for grants has never been easier. We have helped more than 1,300 charities just this past year, and we’d love to help your charity too.

Let us show you how simple it can be. Book a free consultation to request a demo of our grant search engine online.

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