Grant Research Made Easy

With Grant Advance’s Grant Search Engine, improve your ability to find and research foundations and grants to give your charity fundraising campaigns a leg up on other applicants.

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Grant Advance Grant Search Engine: Grant Research Made Easy

Improve your ability to find and research
foundations and grants to give your
charity fundraising campaigns a leg up
on other applicants.

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Grant Search Engine Features

The grant search engine is your strongest tool for conducting thorough foundation research for all of your charity fundraising efforts. Our grant search engine will allow you to filter and find information on over 10,000 foundations and more than 1,000,000 grants with ease! With all of this information at your fingertips, you will be able to create more thoroughly laid plans for your charity fundraising campaign, as well as contingencies just in case one of your grant applications is denied.

A Vast Wealth of Foundation Information

Having access to information on the amount of foundations and grants that our grant search engine provides is only the tip of the iceberg! Where this platform module really shines is in the richness of the information on individual foundations and grants. When you are looking at a foundation profile, you will be able to find detailed reports including a list of foundation directors, historical grant awarding patterns, geographic distribution of their grant awarding, what the foundation is interested in funding, and the average size of the grants they award.

Everything You Need to Know About Grants

Grant information includes details such as how many grants have been awarded, how much money has been awarded, which foundation provides the grant, timing of grant awards, and requirements for eligibility for the grant. These are all important details that will help you decide whether a grant or foundation is worth targeting in your charity fundraising campaigns.

Seamless Integration with Campaign Manager

When you've identified a foundation or grant that you want to include in your charity fundraising campaign, you'll need to keep the information you've found handy to ensure you stay on course towards being awarded a grant. Our platform provides seamless integration between the grant search engine and campaign manager modules so you can add a foundation or grant into your campaigns with a simple click of your mouse! We strive to make your experience as easy and effective as possible and this is just one of many ways that we make it a reality.

Other Online Fundraising Platform Services

Looking to step up your charity fundraising game? Our other software
services work together to simplify the grant application process.
Find out how the rest of our services will help you every step of the way.

charity fundraisers meeting to plan a charity fundraising campaign
Campaign Manager

Our Campaign Manager module allows you to efficiently create and manage an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns. The Campaign Manager is best known for its ability to track your progress, including details on the number of funders you have targeted, and which documents you have prepared. See for yourself how our campaign manager simplifies your fundraising campaigns!

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Document Generators

Simplify the process of creating and editing your professional documents with our document generator. Whether you need a letter of inquiry, grant proposal, project budget document or a custom document, we help you with step-by-step instructions. The best part is, these documents are completely customizable, allowing you to add your charity's own elements, logo and designs as you see fit. It's simple, effective and extremely helpful!

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Charity Grant Secretary

We understand the importance of having a reliable secretary during the most important stages of your application. With our Grant Secretary module, you can select your project and review, edit, export, and print all of your documents, making your final stages simple and seamless. Want to make sure you aren’t applying to same foundation twice in a single funding cycle? Try our grant secretary!

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Management Centre
(coming soon)

Listening to your opinions and recommendations is how we've been able to refine our processes this well, and we continue to value your opinion. As a result, we've been receiving requests for a project management tool which assists in planning and tracking fundraising campaigns. This will be our management centre, which is currently in development.

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Renewal Rate Guarantee

Our multi-year membership plans come with a renewal rate guarantee. Never worry about paying more, and never worry about losing your documents, favourite lists, saved searches, or the irreplaceable notes you have added to the funding organizations with whom you have developed a relationship. We care about your charity's long-term success and always aim to keep your operations running smoothly without loss of data or payment increases.

Personalized Service

Managing your fundraising campaign and building long term
relationships is a core aspect of running a charity. Explore our
personal services to learn more!

Support & Training

We help charities of all sizes and in all stages of their journey with
available support, tutorials and more. And if you need support now, we
have great news for you. Our new clients are immediately contacted by
one of our friendly staff members to chat about their cause, expectations
and how we can help make their vision a reality.

We provide you with roadmaps, advanced strategy webinars, access to
manuals, training videos, and extensive online support. If you’d like to
speak with us, we welcome you to call us directly at our toll-free number.
One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always look forward to
speaking with you.

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Our Additional Features

Profile Pages

Foundation profile data is
updated on a monthly basis,
including assets and revenue,
current directors, grants awarded,
and more.

Management Tools

Improve efficiency with
collaboration of other users on
your team and view their
campaigns, documents and lists.

Smart Tags

Smart tags let you ask for
the right amount, address the
right person, and quickly
personalize every document
you create.

Export Options

Export your documents
and foundation information
as a text, PDF, Excel or CSV file
with ease.

Import Options

Import various documents,
databases or data to organize
and utilize your data all on
one platform.

Custom Documents

Customize your document
designs by uploading your logo,
header, footer and signature, you
have complete control.

Ready To Get Started?

We are here to help you start your journey in applying for grant
funding. It's okay if you still have questions, we'll gladly answer
them and help you discover the perfect funding solution for your
organization. Reach out today to get started!