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77% of Canadian Foundations keep a low profile, they don’t advertise or have websites, though are generous funders of matters close to their hearts. How generous? In 2018 these Foundations provided over $6 Billion in funding alone, to Canadian charities, a charity just like yours. Let’s get you connected.

Grant Advance fast-tracks charities’ research, helping them to identify and apply to the best foundations, to increase their impact; by analyzing the donation data of every Canadian foundation, for the last 14 years.

Many of these are matches made in heaven: value aligned, multi-year funding relationships, that last lifetimes. Our simple platform helps your charity to identify, build and maintain relationships, quickly and easily. We hear you.-You’re sick and tired of submitting long applications and detailed proposals, with heavy competition, resulting in little to no funding. We don’t want that for you either, you’re in the right place. We know a better way.

The majority of the foundations we connect charities to, fund based on a well written 2-Page letter. Yes, a letter, no application, budget or proposal; seriously. We provide expert, industry leading sample documents, and a document generator for you; to bring your letters and campaigns to life!

Imagine having a personal assistant updating all of your key foundations’ contact information, every month; their latest board members, average grant size, giving preferences- excel files being a thing of the past, and enjoying one central source of truth. Our clients follow our signature “Roadmap to Success” connecting with over 100 foundations authentically, aligned with their cause, in just 1 month by dedicating just 4 hours per week.

Our platform optimizes your fundraising efforts while teaching you best practices. We are here to help you increase your funding and your impact, through optimizing your fundraising efforts and teaching you coveted best practices. Dive into the details below, or book a Complimentary Grant Research & Strategy Session with one of our savvy Research Consultants here to see this in action for your charity!

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Looking to kickstart your fundraising campaign? Our software
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Grant Advance Support Services

Build Your Skills

New to fund development? The system was set up to help users that are new to fund development learn the trade. Build your research and proposal writing skills with step-by-step guides throughout the system to help along the way. You will have access to a step by step breakdown of what each paragraph of your short letter should contain as well as examples of what successful letters look like.

Get the Support you Need

The Grant Advance support team is happy to work with all skill levels to help support clients on their way to success. Access webinars, tutorials and articles ranging from system help to industry tips and tricks. If you ever run into a roadblock or need a little inspiration, help is just a ticket, email, or phone call away. We are here for you.

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We are here to help you start your journey in applying for grant funding. It’s okay if you still have questions, we’ll gladly answer them and help you discover the perfect funding solution for your organization. Reach out today to get started!