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Topher Drew
Topher Drew
Topher's Dog
Topher's Dog

About Topher

Topher is passionate about animals. He’s a lifelong dog and cat owner and a fervent supporter of animal welfare causes. He has a background in tech and web development, as well as sales, and he brings a unique skill set to his position.

Q&A With Topher

San Torini, an island in Greece, was an incredible experience when I was 10 with my Dad.

One of my favorite hobbies is music composition. I used to perform my original pieces at a variety of venues.

I like to think that I’m primarily motivated by love and compassion. I take pride in an ability to relate to any person, regardless of their background. I take pride in a high amount of empathy for others at all times.

I was, at one time, a competitive figure skater!

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Topher Drew

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