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Nick Maltchev
Nick Maltchev
Nick Maltchev
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About Nick

Nick is an experienced executive with over 25 years of technology experience that likes challenges and getting things done. Nick is one of the more recent additions to the team and is excited to help with the expansion of GA to the US and beyond. Previous success in the technology, cyber security, manufacturing, distribution, and investment industries.

Q&A With Nick

Knowing that what I do serves higher purpose. Our work makes it possible for someone’s great idea to go through, be successful and make meaningful change in many people’s lives.

Not really a credit card person. I like to live within my means.

I have had great bosses and mentors throughout my career that gave me opportunities, let me make mistakes and learn, and were my biggest cheerleaders along the way. It is my time now to give back and ensure that other people feel the same.

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Nick Maltchev

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