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About Laura

Laura is a writing wizard with over a decade of experience in higher education and healthcare fundraising.

She fell in love with grant writing during her graduate degree when she was awarded grants totaling $20K to fund her tuition and research.

Laura fell into fundraising through a coordinator role with the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s development team. Initially hired for her writing skills, Laura caught the fundraising bug and held progressive roles at UBC and BC Cancer Foundation where she raised over $40M.

Laura believes in the power of words to touch hearts and open doors to philanthropic partnerships for positive change. She is delighted to offer evidence and experience-based fundraising knowledge to charities to increase their funding success.

Q&A With Laura

Hawaii is heavenly with lush greenery, tropical flowers, and sweet aromas wafting through the air. Paris est je ne sais pas! An elaborate maze of Arrondissements, each bursting with as many gardens, museums, and historical sites as the last. Majorca is magical with tiny villages tucked into the mountain side along the island’s parameter. Holland is a gouda place for cheese, coffee, and sweet treats 


 It’s a bicycling dream with wide open spaces and paved bike paths. I’ve found something to love about every place I’ve travelled.

Tara Brach, Huberman Lab, The Dr. John Berardi Show

  • Band – Hanson
  • Book – Margaret Atwood’s novels, Mary Oliver’s poems, and Louise Penny’s murder mysteries.
  • Animal – Love them all, especially the soft, furry kind.
  • Restaurant – Savio Volpe
  • Drink – A chilled glass of white wine – Joie Farm’s A Noble Blend.

My ideal vacation is anywhere sunny and warm with ample opportunity for outdoorsy activities like hiking, biking and kayaking, first class accommodations to come back to every night, and plenty of down time to nap, drink wine and soak in the pool.

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