Keith Saunders

Client Success Advocate and Research Coordinator

About Keith

Keith is a tranquil force of wisdom and reliability. His quiet demeanor belies a profound intellect and a genuine kindness that forms the bedrock of our team. Keith’s trustworthy and honest approach to every task reflects not just professional integrity but a personal commitment to authenticity. His knowledge, though vast, is shared with a quiet confidence that speaks volumes. A man of few words but immense insight, Keith’s quiet strength shapes an environment of both serenity and competence within our GA family.

Q&A With Keith

Italy for the food and architecture  
Philippines for the diving  
Japan for the culture shock

Favourite band:    
Pink Floyd  
Favourite movie:  
2001: A Space Odyssey   
Favourite book:   
Fiction: 2001: A Space Odyssey  
Non-fiction: Guns, Germs, and Steel  
Favourite food:  
Anything Italian  
Favourite animal:  

Wreck diving in the Truk Islands, Micronesia.

I think “The Matrix” is overrated (yes, even the first one). 

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