John Posada

Global Consultant

Juan Posada

About Juan

John is a radiant source of positivity and joy, infusing each project with vibrant energy and transforming the space he fills with bliss. Beyond the professional arena, his primary dedication is being an exceptional father. In our team, John is more than a consultant; he’s a warm and delightful presence, turning collaborative efforts into moments of shared laughter and camaraderie.

Q&A With Juan

I really enjoy Music and dance but over the last year I have become obsessed with Djembes (Drums) and even more obsessed with philosophy. 

For whatever strange reason people are always blown away when they find out I’m left-handed! 

I am a lover of knowledge and Wisdom ie. Philosophy 

My absolute top 1 is that I had to have knee reconstruction surgery and basically learn how to walk again, but on this journey, I became more improved in every aspect physically than before I had the surgery. Speed, strength, endurance, etc. I no longer took my physical health for granted.  

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