Message from the President

One of the best things about serving in the non-profit sector is the amazing people you get to work with. Executive Directors, board members, volunteers, and staff, are always passionate about their commitment to change the world. Being able to contribute to this immense enterprise is the main reason that co-founding Grant Advance Solutions has been so rewarding.

It has also been an opportunity to work with other great professionals to develop a practical resource that is based on real-world experience in fundraising and non-profit management. In addition, it has been rewarding to see our non-profit partners thrive, while at the same time having the opportunity to influence a corporate culture that equally values its clients, staff, and business development.

But perhaps the most rewarding exercise has been the opportunity to design a software solution aimed at overcoming what we have all experienced as major obstacles to successful grant funding:

  • how to identify key funding partners
  • how to write professional, industry-standard grants
  • how to make time for yet another urgent task

These were some of the questions that Grant Advance set out to answer. The feedback from our clients indicates that we were asking the right questions and providing the right solutions.

The team here at Grant Advance continues to listen to the suggestions voiced by our clients. Whether we receive praise, recommendations, or even criticism, we take our clients words to heart and work hard to make a better experience for them every day. We will always strive to innovate in ways that answer real challenges with real solutions in order to empower non-profits to meet the momentous challenges facing our world today.

Partners in a brighter future,

Guy McPherson
President & Co-Founder
Grant Advance Solutions Inc.

Guy’s Podcast Feature

The imperfect podcast is a place for heart-centered leaders to have meaningful conversations to bring their leadership stories to life.

Heart-Centered Leadership is a skill and a mindset that we continue to grow. When will fully show up as our authentic self and allow space to BE, we truly honor ourselves. Leadership is about leading, fostering, mentoring, self-audit, lifelong learning, falling forward, resilience, silence, listening and a mindset that is open to change, grow and evolve with no self-judgement. The imperfect podcast is a place for heart-centered leaders to have meaningful conversations to bring their leadership stories to life. Since May 2020 Deb Crowe has featured leaders from all over the globe and from a diverse set of sectors including medicine, business, academic, and military.

Deborah is an executive and business coach. She has 30+ years of global experience in top Fortune 500 companies in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, leading and coaching C-suite leaders, executive and senior management professionals, and their teams.

Imperfect Podcast with Guy McPherson

In-podcast Summary of Guy

Guy McPherson is the owner and founder of Grant Advance Solutions, a software company that works with non-profits in the area of fund development. His background is almost exclusively in the non-profit sector, having worked as the executive director of several faith-based and humanitarian charities both nationally and abroad. As an international speaker, he has travelled widely, primarily to ignite a belief in the power and impact that inter-denominational and ecumenical cooperation can achieve. He has also always been an advocate for social justice, inclusion, equality, and diversity. His immediate family include 5 daughters,18 grandchildren, and this year included the first of the next generation with the birth of a great-grandchild. He considers his greatest opus to be this little clan of great world citizens!