Let’s just be honest – it is all about the money. Seriously, if it wasn’t about the money then you wouldn’t even be applying for grants. And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing, because the money you are needing to raise is all about people, and causes, and needs. And there is no other community of individuals more committed to people and causes and needs than those dedicated to working in the non-profit sector.

So, is Grant Advance right for you? Well, maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. We certainly aren’t if you are not prepared to schedule some time to use our services. But if you think big, dream big, and if the need you serve is big, then we can save you hundreds of hours in research and administration, open new doors of income, and widen current streams of revenue with our easy and affordable software.

The question is all about Return on Investment. Can a non-profit receive $5,000, $50,000, or $100,000 annually in grants? Of course they can. And if we can help you to generate even $5,000 in new revenue each year you will more than double your investment with us.

So yes, we believe that Grant Advance is right for any registered Charity in Canada and we would be happy to show you why. Contact us for a free consultation and decide for yourself if Grant Advance is right for you.

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Mikinduri Children of Hope has been conducting developmental work in Kenya since 2003. As part of our fund rising strategy we bought into the Grant Advance program. I can tell you that I could not be more impressed with their commitment to their fundraising program, but what is even more impressive is their dedication to providing excellent technical support in all aspects of their offering. Be assured, without a doubt, if you are prepared to climb the learning curve to implement this powerful program you will not be disappointed.

E.D.(Ted) Grant, Mikinduri Children of Hope - Cornwall, PEI

My experience with the Grant Advance team has been first rate. From my introduction to the software by Business Development Manager Anne Roberts to the strategic partnership nurtured by David Persad and co-founder / President Guy McPherson, it’s been excellent. Their understanding of the funding challenges faced by the cultural sector and their generous offer to make their product accessible to even the smallest organization is unprecedented in my experience as an arts administrator. From their sales approach to their customer support and service, they have been professional, respectful of our busy schedules and above all, a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend that you check out Grant Advance.

Brenda Leadlay, Alliance for Arts + Culture - BC

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