The Simple Process

At Grant Advance, we’re committed to making fundraising a seamless experience for charitable organizations. Our platform provides the essential tools and strategic insights needed to secure funding effectively. With the right tools and strategies, acquiring funds for your cause becomes remarkably straightforward. Gain valuable insights from satisfied clients. Watch our video testimonial where a charitable organization shares their successful journey in securing funds with Grant Advance. Our platform goes beyond traditional fundraising. It’s a dynamic process that connects charities with dedicated benefactors who share their vision.

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Our Three Step Approach to Charity Fundraising

We’ve simplified the process of creating an effective fundraising
campaign. Here are the three essential steps to building partnerships
with foundations prior to submitting a funding application.

1. Research

Identifying the foundations with a similar vision is crucial to finding a fundraising partner. Simplify your research process with a comprehensive search engine that empowers you in the first stage of fundraising.

2. Write

Writing a letter of inquiry or grant proposal is
easy when you’ve identified a foundation’s
clear expectations. Discover a foundation’s set
requirements and write with certainty using our
document generators.

3. Connect

Building a strong relationship with foundations
and their directors is essential when trying to
secure funding. Engage and build these strong
relationships with our knowledge of foundations
and high-level connections.


Preparing for an upcoming fundraising campaign is no small task,
but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Before you can get in touch
with foundations to talk about your fundraising campaign, it’s important
that you first find the right foundations for your cause.

Since more than 80% of all foundations aren’t accessible through a
simple Google search, finding new ways to conduct foundation research
has become a crucial step in fundraising. Here’s the good news, we have
a solution.

Our Approach to Foundation Research

The biggest challenge of conducting foundation research is the
lack of information available to the public. With Grant Advance, your charity
can completely overcome this challenge.

Using our grant search engines, you can browse through more than 82,000 US foundations. Our search engine gives you quick and easy access to all the info you’ll need for your fundraising campaign.

At a glance, you’ll see how much each foundation is willing to award, which states they award their funding to, and which charities they have funded in the past.


When it comes time to write documents for fundraising campaigns, many
charities don’t know where to start. As you can imagine, any industry
worth billions of dollars has developed its own culture and industry
standards, the non-profit industry is no different.

We often receive questions about what documents are required,
what information needs to be included and how to communicate with
a foundation. We get it, approaching a foundation for your first time
can seem a little intimidating, but in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Our Approach to Writing Grant Application Documents

Foundations are not hard to approach, each one requires the same basic
information and expects a similar format when you apply for funding. But
from the perspective of a new charity, this isn’t quite as evident. That’s
where we help you!

Working with Grant Advance allows you to benefit from our professional
experience in fundraising with use of our document generator tool.
With our document generator, you can easily prepare industry-standard
documents for contacting these foundations. Sounds simple, right?
That’s because it is!


This may come to you as a surprise, but connecting with individuals who
support your cause isn’t entirely difficult. While foundations and directors
are always evidently interested in the specifics of your charity, it can be a
great idea to reach out for an initial conversation.

Foundation directors are just like you and I, put their role aside and connect
with them as people. Yes, they hold a lot of power in the foundation and the industry that you are in, but before all that, they’re people. Grant Advance
helps you make that first step, helping you reach out and build those valuable connections.

Our Approach to Building Strong Connections

The first thing you want to do is to network with foundations that you
already have a relationship with, if possible of course. If you believe in the
work and cause of your charity, spark up a conversation!

If you don’t have a prior connection, consider cold calling. Thankfully for
you, existing relationships aren’t the only way to establish a connection. As
it currently stands, a vast majority of charities rely on us when it comes to
establishing connections. Using our research & writing tools, we help
connect you with foundations similar to you, and help kickstart a valuable
conversation. Remember, foundation directors are in their position because they want to support charities like yours.

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