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Foundation Spotlight: Honda Canada

Searching for foundations to submit grant applications to can be an overwhelming process.

It’s important to make connections with a number of foundations that align with your organization’s values, regardless of their size*. It’s important to keep in mind that larger foundations tend to have longer wait times, so it’s best not to only rely on their contribution.

To help you begin your search, check out our top 5 tips to consider when searching.

For this edition of our Charity Funders Spotlight, let’s take a deeper look into the Honda Canada Foundation.

About Honda Canada Foundation

The Honda Canada Foundation was created to help non-profit charities registered to CRA meet their charity fundraising objectives.

Their goals include recognizing and responding, investing, and involvement.

  • Recognizing & Responding – to the need of our communities as they change
  • Investing – in people and charitable groups to make a difference
  • Involvement – maximize the usefulness of our contributions

Honda Canada Foundation strives to give back to Canadian communities and work with organizations that aim to build a better society.

Eligibility for the Honda Canada Foundation

Charity organizations that are officially registered with the CRA are eligible for funding such as:

  • Education institutions (primary, secondary, college, university)
  • Charitable non-profit organizations
  • Other, tax-exempt, national institutions in the fields of family, environment, engineering, and education.

Honda Canada Foundation excludes charitable giving to for-profit organizations, churches or religious organizations, issue advocacy groups, political organizations, and more. You can view the full list of eligibility requirements here.

Applying for Funding

The Honda Canada Foundation uses an online application form that you can access on their website. The time it takes to complete this application is approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

The form takes you through a series of standard questions that will determine your eligibility and help the committee make a final decision on your application. Your organization must be a registered charity with the CRA to complete questions within the application process.

Securing Grant Funding with Grant Advance

Our team works with charities across Canada to help break down the intimidating barriers of grant applications and maintain relationships with donors.

At Grant Advance, we offer our expertise in charity fundraising and fund development to help your organization meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Our Grant Search Engine is your strongest tool for conducting research on foundations that will potentially support your charity fundraising efforts. With over 8 500 foundations and 1 000 000 grants in the database, you’ll have all the information you need for success!

If you’re interested in increasing your charity’s multi-year funding and working with Grant Advance, learn more about our process here,

*DISCLAIMER: Large national foundations, such as this, should absolutely be on your list of philanthropic organizations to start nurturing. However, they often have stringent application and reporting processes, long timelines, and LOTS of applicants. We know a better way.

Get in touch with us and we will find family and private foundations that fund your region and your cause, that often only require a 2-page letter of inquiry to secure funding. We invite you to expedite your process and results, with a Complimentary Family Foundation Research Session, today! “

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