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Facts About Charity Grants

The following stats are based on
IRS reporting averages since 2015:

There Are Over 119,000 Foundations in the United States

According to the IRS, there are currently more than 119,000 foundations registered in the United States. What does this mean for the non-profit sector?
For one, it means that there is a lot of opportunity. Of course, not all of
these foundations will consider funding your charity, but there are
countless amazing opportunities out there, you’ve just got to find them
and reach out!

With the help of a grant search engine, you can browse through the more than 119,000 foundations and more than $77 billion in grants* that are awarded each year to identify perfect funding partners.

*as reported by the Uban Institute for 2017

More Than $77 billion in Charity Funding was
Distributed by US Foundations in 2017*

Even with more than $77 billion dollars in foundation funding, many charities feel that receiving grant funding is nearly impossible.

Here’s why: without the right tools, these grants are extremely difficult to find. By using our grant search engine, you can easily filter through thousands
of foundations to find the best fit for your organization before you apply for
grant funding. Request a consultation with us to get started!

* Urban Institute

We’ve Helped More Than 1,300 Charities
Seeking Funding this Past Year

Foundation Facts

Less than 10% of US Foundations Have a Website*

It may be a shocking statistic, but it’s true. According to Useful View*, 90% of all foundations aren’t accessible through a Google search. That’s why grant search engines are so important, it’s the only way to truly find as many foundations as possible.

It’s up to charities like yours to research, reach out and apply for a chance to receive funding. If you have a cause you believe in, there are foundations that share your passion. Let us help you find them.

Grant Advance Search Engines Display Over 833,000 Grants awarded to US Charities in 2017

What’s even more exciting is that since 2013 there has been an increase in the number of grants awarded each year by foundations to the non-profit sector in the USA.

Before you ask, it’s not only large hospitals, universities, or big-name
charities that receive grants. Of course, these charities do secure
plenty of grant funding. But with over 800,000 grants awarded every
year, every organization has an opportunity – no matter the size, cause or

Foundation Directors Provide an Amazing Opportunity

Securing grant funding is all about building relationships. Considering how many people sit on the boards of these foundations, there is a pretty good chance that someone you know is a close contact to a foundation director.

A strategy that we highly recommend is to use our Director search to create a list of the directors that serve on the board of a foundation you intend to apply to. Distribute this list to the friends of your charity. It’s likely that one of your staff, volunteers, board members, or allies already has an organic connection with a director – especially if it is a local foundation. Leverage these relationships. You’ll be amazed where it might lead.

New Foundations are Registered Every Year in States all across America

New foundations mean new opportunities. That is why Grant Advance provides lists of these newly formed foundations as they register!

Reaching out to these new foundations early on and going the extra mile
can be a fantastic way to build powerful partnerships. Are you trying to get
your foot in the door and potentially connect with a new ally? Request a
consultation with us today and we’ll help you reach out to these

Foundations Want to be Understood

Although every registered charity and foundation in the US must report
annually to the IRS, the information that they provide is not always altogether clear. For some foundations there isn’t always clarity regarding their interests, mission, and goals. This can make it difficult when you are trying to connect with them based on shared values and objectives.

But we’ve found this data elsewhere.

Foundations must report every grant they have ever awarded, including
who receives the grant and when they received it. Having access to these
historical records enable charities to gain insight on a foundation’s mission and interests.

When you choose Grant Advance, we help you filter through these details
to determine the best opportunities. Interested? Let’s chat!

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