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Dealing with Rejection

You’ve just uploaded the final draft of your grant proposal. You hit ‘complete & send’; instantly a friendly message pops up on your screen letting you know your application has been successfully submitted. And now the wait begins…

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Grant Applications Goals Vs. Objectives

Grant applications have many components, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming thinking about how to correctly address each section effectively. The “goal” and “objective” portions of grant applications tend to be the most confusing for individuals new to grant writing.

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Innovative Techniques During Covid-19

Looking back now, most of us would agree that fundraising prior to Covid-19 were simpler times. There is no doubt the pandemic has put extraordinary pressures on the charitable and NPO sector to be extra innovative in revenue sourcing.

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Do Your Research!

Successful grant writing should always begin with thorough research. The research that you do will undoubtedly be time consuming for you, but take heart.

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