Grant Advance Charity Fundraising: Additional Features

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Additional Platform Features

Grant Advance Charity Fundraising platform is jam-packed full of features that provide you with valuable information for research, and make handling everyday tasks that make campaigns successful. With these tools and features, levelling up you charity fundraising efforts has never been easier!

Rich Foundation Profile Pages

Every foundation in our database has a profile that provides you a wealth of information that you’ll need when conducting grant research. Foundation profiles will tell you who the current directors are, their assets and revenue, past grants they have awarded, the geographic distribution of their grant awards, their funding interests, the average size of the grants they award, and more! Foundation profiles are updated on a monthly basis, so the information you have available is always accurate and up to date. With all of this information at your disposal, selecting the best foundations for your campaigns has never been easier.

Powerful Management Tools

With intuitive management tools, collaboration between team members is simple and seamless. Grant Advance charity fundraising platform’s management tools allows users to view each other’s campaigns, documents and lists easily so they can work together efficiently without needing to export and email things back and forth. At Grant Advance, we know that teamwork makes the dream work, and we have built our charity fundraising platform to make teamwork and collaboration a cinch!

Intelligent Smart Tags

With smart tags, you will always know what needs to go where in your documents. Smart tags enable you create and update documents quickly and easily. You will always ask for the right amount of money in your grant applications, always address the right person, and be able to quickly personalize your documents. With smart tags, you’ll never miss the mark on any of your grant application documents again.

Plentiful import and export options

Grant Advance charity fundraising platform has a plethora of import and export options to make the most effective use of your documents and data. Documents, campaign reports and foundation information can be exported as a text, PDF, Excel, or CSV file with a few simple clicks. Our platform is capable of importing various documents, databases and other sources of data so you can organize and utilize all of your precious first party data in one platform. Not only will you be able to work more efficiently not having to switch between data sources, but you’ll be able to make more informed decisions being able to review all of your data in one place.

Other Online Fundraising Platform Services

Looking to improve your charity fundraising efforts? Our other software
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Find out how the rest of our services will help you every step of the way.

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Project Management

Listening to your opinions and recommendations is how we’ve been able to keep the ongoing development of our resources relevant. And that is why our project management tools are simple, effective, and reflect what our clients asked for. No complicated learning curves – just bulletproof tools that make sure you miss nothing and preserve everything. Ask us how we can help make sure all of your projects are a success.

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Renewal Rate Guarantee

Our multi-year membership plans come with a renewal rate guarantee. Never worry about paying more, and never worry about losing your documents, favourite lists, saved searches, or the irreplaceable notes you have added to the funding organizations with whom you have developed a relationship. We care about your charity’s long-term success and always aim to keep your operations running smoothly without loss of data or payment increases.

Personalized Service

Managing your fundraising campaign and building long term relationships is a core aspect of running a charity. Explore our personal services to learn more!

Support & Training

We help charities of all sizes and in all stages of their journey with available support, tutorials and more. And if you need support now, we have great news for you. Our new clients are immediately contacted by one of our friendly staff members to chat about their cause, expectations and how we can help make their vision a reality.

Grant Advance Additional Features provide you with roadmaps, advanced strategy webinars, access to manuals, training videos, and extensive online support. If you’d like to speak with us, we welcome you to call us directly at our toll-free number. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will always look forward to speaking with you.

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Ready to Get Started?

We are here to help you start your journey in applying for grant funding. It’s okay if you still have questions, we’ll gladly answer them and help you discover the perfect funding solution for your organization. Reach out today to get started!