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Sometimes it is tough trying to figure out exactly what you need and why. It is also pretty hard to part with money, especially when it comes from the donations and contributions of your charity’s friends and allies. So, what makes Grant Advance different enough for you to consider investing in our program?

Well, for one thing, we care. We really do. We have always felt that we were partners with the non-profits we work with and we actually get excited about being a part of the world-changing work of the more than 170,000 charitable organizations in Canada. Yes, we are a business, but we understand that our success depends on your success. But don’t take our word for it. Before you invest with us do your due diligence. The many testimonials and reviews you discover will speak on our behalf.

Another reason we consider ourselves a bit different is the approach we have taken in developing our resources. We are purposefully streamlined because we don’t think anyone has the time for another huge learning curve. That is why we have developed our platform as “the simple funding solution”. We keep this principle in mind in all that we do, from updates, ongoing development, and even in our support. If there is something that you absolutely need to learn, we have built that right into every page of our software and incorporated all of our training as a “learn-as-you-do” approach to education.

Finally, our clients think we are a kind of fun bunch of people to work with. Hopefully, once you get to know us you will think so too. In any case, we can promise that we will always do our best to offer prompt and friendly support and will work hard to help you and your charity make a difference in the communities that you serve.

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